Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The tibits of a busy life :)

Sorry that I have been somewhat absent from this blog lately! I've been busy...uh, "washing my hair" and such... ;)
In all reality, life has been rather full lately. I moved back to Pennsylvania (for those who are still wondering...It's been months home and yet I'm asked on a weekly basis where I

It's a season full of lots of different part-time things...I'm working at a preschool with kids who make life so much more enjoyable. Every day after working there, I'm full of funny stories. :)

When I'm not with those kiddos, I spend a lot of time babysitting 'my' neighborhood children. My block has so many families with young ones, and I feel like we're a great big family sometimes. :) When I walk my dog and the school bus is bringing everyone home, I hear lots of knocks on windows and see little hands waving from nearly every section of the bus. It's so sweet... :)

Photography is keeping me busy as well. It's been such a fun passion to pursue. Currently, I'm in the process of switching over this blog to another one more focused on photography. You can visit it here:

Also, I've been working part time for Bring Me Hope again...I couldn't stay away too long! haha It's been so fulfilling to keep my hands in the work they are doing for Chinese orphans, and it's a blessing to keep up with my goofy bunch of Californian friends. :)

Tomorrow is my birthday...Thank you Jesus for all the life and blessing you have given to me. At times it's been a rocky road, and other times I feel astonished that I get to live the life I live. It's all a journey I suppose... :)

Today I was mentioning to one of the children I babysit that tomorrow is my birthday. She thought for a minute then asked what year I was born. I told her, "1986." She said, "No Miss.Krissie...what YEAR were you born in? ... Like, 2001, 2003...?" I told her the year I was born in again and she just couldn't wrap her mind around that long ago! haha Oh well, it made me laugh even if I am getting older... ;)

All for now,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stop to smile :)

Febuary felt like Autumn today (though it's back to snowing as I write this :)

I took my girls out for a photo shoot this afternoon, and they did so great. Here are some pics from our session, and I'll put more on flickr soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sam says it best

This is by far the best quote on legalism that I have ever heard. It's a little lengthy, but take a minute to read it aloud and I trust it will encourage you. :)

"There are people, professing Christian people, who are determined to bring you under their religious thumb. They are bent on making you a slave of their conscience. They have built a tidy religious box, without biblical justification, and strive to stuff you inside and make you conform to it's dimensions. They are legalists, and their tools are guilt, fear, intimidation, and self-righteousness. They proclaim God's unconditional love for you, but insist on certain conditions before including you among the accepted, among the approved elite, among God's favored few.

"I'm not talking about people who insist you obey certain laws or moral rules in order to be saved. Such people aren't legalists. They are lost! They are easily identified and rebuffed. I'm talking about Christian legalists whose goal is to enforce conformity among other Christians in accordance with their personal preferences. These are life-style legalists. They threaten to rob you of joy and to squeeze the intimacy out of your relationship with Jesus. They may even lead you to doubt your salvation. They heap condemnation and contempt on your head so that your life is controlled and energized by fear rather than freedom and joy and delight in God.

"I suspect that some of you are...the victims of legalism. You live in fear of doing something that another Christian considers unholy, even though the Bible is silent on the subject. You are terrified of incurring their disapproval, disdain, and ultimate rejection. Worse still, you fear God's rejection for violating religious traditions or cultural norms that have no basis in Scripture but are prized by the legalist. You have been duped into believing that the slightest misstep or mistake will bring down God's disapproval and disgust.

"When you are around other Christians, whether in the church or at a home group or just hanging out, do you feel free? Does your spirit feel relaxed or oppressed? Do you sense their acceptance or condemnation? Do you feel judged, inadequate, inferior, guilty, immature, all because of your perceived failure to conform to what someone else regards as "holy"? Jesus wants to set you free from such bondage! As Paul said, "You were called to freedom!"
-Sam Storms

Thursday, January 29, 2009

you can do anything! :)

my computer has been telling me it feels very full lately, so i've been trying to move some old pictures onto disks. while working on that, i found some fantastic vids from a chinese acrobat show a group of us went to in Beijing, summer of 2007!

after watching this, just think...whatever it is in your life you feel like you can't do, you can! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Kids are often the Best of People...

"Dear Kristen,

I love you to God and back!

Love, Abby" :)